Transferring money to Australia? Now you can do it easy, cheap and fast.

Let’s agree: Transferring money to Australia isn’t something you do on a regular basis.

But for some reason, now you have to.

And you know that even though transferring money to Australia is new for you, it is really important to get it right. Because doing it wrong might cost you 8x more than it should.


In this article you’ll read exactly what you need to know about transferring money to Australia. And more importantly you’ll discover how to do it faster, easier and up to 8 times cheaper than through your bank.

Transferring money to Australia? Don’t do it through your bank!

When you’re transferring money to Australia your first thought might be to do it through your bank.

They might even tell you that transferring money to Australia is free and without fees.

And this is somewhat true.


The banks might be charging you through hidden fees and unfair exchange rates, causing you to lose over 5% per transfer on average.

You see, there is no such thing as transferring money to Australia for free, but there is a cheaper and easier way to do it.

And this cheaper and easier way is called Transferwise.

Why should you use Transferwise for transferring money to Australia?

Quite simply:

Because transferwise is cheaper, easier and gives you a fair exchange rate. That means, you get to keep more of your money.

Transferwise charges a small fee for transferring money to Australia, but this is considerably less than what the banks charge with their hidden fees.

transferring money to Australia
You could save up to 40 GBP by using Transferwise

How it works: why is Transferwise so much cheaper?

Transferring money to Australia is so much cheaper through Transferwise because of the way they work.

It’s really simple. And that’s why it’s genius.

Basically all Transferwise does is keep money in different currencies in multiple countries. So in Australia they keep Australian Dollars, in the Eurozone they keep Euros and in the UK they have an account filled with Pound Sterling.

Now imagine you have British Pounds, but would like to have Australian Dollars. The only thing you have to do with Transferwise is deposit your Pounds into the Sterling account. Transferwise will then apply the real exchange rate and subsequently deposit money from the account with Australian dollars towards your Australian bank account.

In other words: the money never leaves the country. Just as you can see in the following video:

How much does Transferwise charge for transferring money to Australia?

Transferwise is very transparent with their fees, but the actual fee depends on the currency you’re transferring to Australia.

The fees for the most common currencies at the time of writing are:

  • Euro: 0,7% of transferred amount
  • GBP: 0,45% of transferred amount + 1 GBP
  • USD: 1% of transferred amount

Curious about how much transferring money to Australia will cost? Find out on Transferwise 

Is transferwise safe for transferring money to Australia?

Whenever your money is involved you want to make sure you can trust the other party. With Transferwise your money is in good hands.

Transferwise is a certified financial company that was founded in the UK in 2011. They are backed by well-known investors like Richard Branson and have over 40.000 reviews on Trustpilot giving them an average rating of 9.4/10. How’s that for safety?

9.4 rating – how’s that for trustworthiness?

How fast is Transferwise?

Normally transferring money to Australia should take between 8 – 24 hours depending on how fast your bank can transfer your money to Transferwise.

Your money should arrive within 8 hours 🙂

Thinking about using Transferwise? Now you can get your first transfer for free!

So what do you think?

Is Transferwise your best option for transferring money to Australia? We believe so.

And that’s why we’re happy to invite you to your first free transfer if you sign-up to transferwise through our link.

That’s right:

You get to transfer your first 500 GBP for free if you sign up for transferwise through this link.

Conclusion: Transferring money to Australia can be easy, cheap and fast.

Transferring money to Australia no longer requires you to pay the sneaky hidden fees your bank charges.

Instead, you can (and should) use Transferwise.

Just imagine how much money it would save you.

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