7 Science-backed reasons you should spend all your money on travel

-Question: should you really spend all your money on travel?

Because your grandma will tell you to buy a house and get married.

Maybe your dad will say the same.

But you…

You just want to travel.

Besides, you’re young. There is no place for all those zeros on your bank account.

So go ahead, spend it all.

Spend all your money on travel. And not just because we say so to be cool… Science proves that it’s the best choice for you.

Below you’ll read 7 scientific (and less scientific) reasons you should spend all your money on travel. Especially number 7 is a good one, but first…

1. Money is just money, or so it seems

After years of extensive research, scientists have come to the conclusion that money is exactly what it seems to be.

Money is money,” said one of the researchers “and we would even go as far as to say that money is just money and there are more important things in life”.

(By the way, that doesn’t mean you have to spend it all. Check out this bonus page to instantly save over AUD 50 in cash discounts.)

2. You should invest in experiences if you want to be happy

People that spend money on experiences are happier than people that spend money on stuff. At least, that’s what these smart guys at Cornell University have found.

So let other people buy cars. You know better: experiences and the memories to go with it will stay beautiful forever.

3. Travel makes you happy, apparently

You won’t believe this one, but this study concludes that planning a trip makes you happy. (No WAAYYY!)

The interesting part, however, is that planning a trip doesn’t only make you happy about the upcoming trip, it makes you happier about all aspects of your life.

Smart Idea: If planning makes you happy, why not plan your trip to Australia with the Ultimate Guide To Backpacking Australia?  Read more here. 

4. Traveling makes you more creative

Researchers in this study have found that interacting with a different culture makes you more creative.

And that’s always good because who doesn’t like a bit of extra creativity?

5. Traveling makes you trust people more

According to this study, traveling makes you trust other people more. A very comforting fact in a world where the news is dominated by angry people that are out to kill everyone.

Don’t worry, it’s the news and not the only reality. Did you know that 99% of all people have a good heart? You would if you’d spend all your money on travel.

6. Travel is good for your health

Did you know traveling is good for your health? This research has found that traveling has many benefits to your health. For instance, retired men that don’t travel have a 20% higher chance of dying.

So spending all your money on travel will help you get older and do you know what this means?

Exactly, it means you’ll be able to enjoy your retirement fund a lot longer…

Talk about smart investments…

7. Jezus, what are you waiting for?

Just go and spend all your money on travel. It’s only money and there is enough time to earn it back.

We told you number 7 was a good one…

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