No more messy backpacks: This little-known trick will make you pack like a pro

--So how should you pack your backpack?

It’s a subject we shouldn’t really talk about.

Not because we don’t want you to have a neatly packed backpack…

But because our backpack is always one big mess. Probably just like yours.

We all know the drill: You fold your clothes, pack them neatly, and for two hours you have the tidiest backpack in the world…

Indeed, for two hours because as soon as you grab one t-shirt from your bag you’re backpack turns into that same old mess again.


But now there is hope and it’s called the ranger roll technique.

The first time we heard of it, it was mentioned by a German traveler.

“Have you heard of the ranger roll technique? “He asked.

“Nope. What’s that? “ We asked him, expecting him to do a badass martial arts move.

“Well,” he said, “Check it on YouTube.”

And so it happened.

A few hours later that messy backpack had changed from this …

to this …

to this …

And ultimately this:

Sweet little trick right?

And here’s the best thing: your bag doesn’t turn into a mess each time you grab a t-shirt.

In addition to this awesome fact, there are little to no wrinkles (if you do it correctly), and although there are even more efficient ways to pack your bag, it certainly takes a lot less space than the stuff-and-press-approach most backpackers use.

Smart tip: Buy some packing cubes to sort your stuff and combine this with the ranger roll technique.

Curious about this technique?

It takes a little bit of practice but these youtube videos explain:

How to roll your t-shirt

How to roll your pants

How to roll your (rain)jacket

How to roll your (super sexy) underwear

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