Now or never: 5 Perfect reasons to quit your job to travel the world

--When you tell people you want to quit your job to travel, you’ll get a wide range of interesting reactions.

First, you get the wave of enthusiasm praising your bravery and boldness.

Then you get the whole “ahh shit I wish I could do what you do, but I can’t because…”

And then you get the silly questions.

Questions that reveal a widespread belief that you’re nothing without a job. Questions that tell you: whatever you do, don’t fall behind. Your career = your everything.

In these moments you start getting questions like:

What will you do after you come back home?

I mean, how will you explain the gap on your resume?

Don’t you think it’s time to get a bit more serious?

It’s a fear that keeps the fearful at home, doing jobs they dislike wondering if there is more to life than work and paying bills.

But hey, that’s up to them.

You choose differently.

If you want to quit your job to travel, that’s your choice. And if you ask us, it’s a pretty good one.

Not only do we know this from personal experience, but ask any backpacker and they’ll tell you it was the best decision they’ve ever made.

So if you’re thinking about traveling but you don’t have the time, here are 5 perfect reasons to quit your job to travel the world!

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But first… Let’s focus on the benefits

Humans deal badly with losses. They affect us a lot more than the wins we gain.

It’s the reason we stay in toxic relationships and boring jobs for far too long. We hate giving things up. Even if they don’t make us happy.

But what if we start looking at the things we win?

Because every time we give something up, we’ll create a void to fill.  You’ll no longer be restrained, and you get to choose how you spend your new found time.

So instead of focusing on what you’ll lose when you give up your job, start focusing on the wins.

5 things you’ll win when you quit your job to travel

#1 You slow down time

Time is fascinating when you think about it. Not the way it passes on the clock, but the way you experience it.

For instance, think about the time when you were still a child. It was a period of constant change, constant new things, and things to look forward too.

Your first visit to the pub, first-time sex, and all sorts of changes going on in your body. There are so many things going on that it seems to take forever.

Now compare that to the routine of a secure job. Even if every day is a little different at work, there isn’t much changing. Your life becomes a routine, and we know routine is the enemy of time.

A job might feel safe and secure, but routine makes time slip through your hands. That’s all because your brain no longer gets new impressions, experiences or challenges.

So that’s where travel comes in.

When you quit your job to travel, time slows down.

It shakes your beliefs about the world, forces you to try exciting new things, and on a very basic level makes you responsible for all your own decisions.

Like the times when you were younger, travel gives you new impressions and reveals new things about yourself and the world around you.

You’ll embrace life fully again and consciously live all the moments you would’ve missed if you would’ve stayed at home.

We’re not able to live forever, but at least we can slow down time. And that’s a pretty good alternative.

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#2 You get to live life on your own terms

One of the most annoying things of a secure job is the inflexibility that comes with it. Your boss decides when you work, where you work and whether you can get a day off or not.

That’s not good.

Why should someone else treat you as their property, just because they pay you?

When you quit your job to travel you get to decide how you live your day.

You decide when you go to bed. You decide when you get up. You decide when you eat. You decide whether you feel like going to the beach or more like hiking. You decide whether to read a book or to sit and chat.

You choose.

And this teaches you what you prefer in life. A valuable lesson as we’ll see.

#3 You’ll meet new people

It’s inevitable.

When you quit your job to travel, you will meet amazing people that will broaden your horizon and will inspire you.

Some of these encounters will grow into lasting friendships, others become precious memories.

But whatever happens, one thing is certain… you’ll never meet these amazing people if you stay at home.

Like us, we met while traveling!

#4 You’ll learn more about yourself

“Why do you want to travel? Are you trying to find yourself or what?”

It’s the funny-not-funny comment made by people who think every backpacker is a tree hugging, chakra checking hippy that is peeling the onion to reveal the true self.

Traveling is not about finding your true self.

It’s the exact opposite.

You see, everyone has a self-identity and we all have certain beliefs about our character. We all have strong points and things we need to improve.

Unlike staying at home, traveling is not about narrowing down that self-identity. It’s about opening up to all the things you could be.

You start realizing that you’re actually quite good at things you never did at home because you thought other people were better at it.

Things like talking to strangers, doing stuff alone, trying new stuff.

Travelling is not about discovering your one true identity. It’s about discovering all the things that you could be.

#5 You can enjoy the future now

“I also want to travel around the world, after I’ve made my promotion in 4 years.”

Great plans, zero execution.

By the time you’ve reached your future milestone, you’ll have new excuses not to travel.

As cliché as it may sound, travel does make you live in the now. You don’t worry about next week. You live in the moment and your worries are limited to:

What shall I do today?

What, when and where shall I eat?

Where will I sleep?

How much money have I got left?

It’s a simple life.

But last time we checked, life is actually quite simple as long as you don’t make it too complex.

Ready to quit your job and travel?

Quitting your job to travel will never be easy, but it’s not that hard. Actually, all you have to do is send your letter of resignation (and grow a pair if you need to).

Sounds simple? That’s because it is.

You just need to embrace the uncertainty that comes with it.

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