Planning a trip to Australia? Now you can do it the easy way

Discover how to plan, prepare and live the ultimate backpacking adventure in Australia

  • Are you planning your (first) big trip to Australia? 
  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices? 
  • Would you like to know the tried and tested secrets that guarantee an EPIC adventure? 

The Ultimate Guide To Backpacking Australia will show you how to plan, prepare and live the ultimate backpacking adventure. Step-by-step this guide will smash your fears, get you organized and give you the confidence you need to travel Australia. Get instant inspiration, read stories of other travelers and discover everything you need so you can craft your own daring adventure.

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So what’s inside?

Format: PDF | Pages: 283 | Instant Download

The guide has three main parts and together they will help you get ready for Australia. Whether you’ve already bought your ticket or you’re playing with the idea of going, this book is perfect for you.

Part One: From dream to reality

This part is all about getting you on that plane.

In this part, you will…

Smash your fears and doubts so you’ll have the confidence to start this amazing adventure.

Discover all the paperwork you need to take care of so you won’t get into trouble while you’re abroad.

Learn how much money you really need so you don’t have to miss out on the good stuff because you’re broke.

Uncover how to find the cheapest flights from anywhere in the world. For instance, you’ll discover how to fly to Australia from Europe for less than €300.

Learn what to pack and where to buy your travel gear so you can spend your money on fun things.

Part Two: Your (new) life as a backpacker

This part will prepare you for your life as a backpacker in Australia so you can start enjoying your adventure from the moment you arrive.

In this part, you will…

Learn everything about your life in hostels so you know how to behave and find mates quickly.

Learn how to instantly make new friends even if you’re the biggest introvert.

Discover the best (travel)apps for backpacking to make your life on the road a little easier.

Get to know the best and most fun travel games to play with your fellow backpackers.

Find out how to save money on accommodation, travel and tours so you can spend your money on more fun things.

And if you’re going on a working holiday…

You’ll learn how to do all the necessary stuff like opening a bank account, getting a tax file number and how to get a postal address.

And discover how to find a (well-paying) job in Australia – meaning you’ll have more money to travel.--

Part Three: Itineraries, highlights & hidden gems

In the last part of the ultimate guide to backpacking Australia, you’ll discover eight amazing itineraries that will help you uncover Australia’s best highlights and hidden secrets so you can plan your perfect adventure.

In this part, you will…

Discover all the best highlights and hidden gems so you won’t miss out on all the good stuff.

Find out how much time you need for your trip so you get the most out of your adventure.

Uncover amazing free activities that are so good you won’t believe that they’re free.

Learn about the best time to travel each part of Australia so you’ll get the best weather and won’t end up in cyclones and snowstorms.

Find out about the best hostels in Australia so you’ll always have a bed in great places.

In short…

This guide gives you instant inspiration, shows you new places you won’t find otherwise and helps you get the most out of your adventure.


What else do I get? 

The Ultimate Guide To Backpacking in Australia comes with an amazing free bonus that will make planning even easier and will add unforgettable experiences to your trip. 

Bonus: The Ultimate Bucketlist For Australia 

This Ultimate Ozzie Backpackers bucketlist will inspire and challenge you to get even more out of your travels and live some true Ozzie moments. 

The bucketlist is filled with  55 awesome activities, that will take you off the beaten path and inspire you with ideas for unforgettable experiences.   

This value-packed bucketlist including maps with all the locations, comes as a free bonus when you purchase a copy of the guide. 

Get The Ultimate Guide For Backpacking Australia

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Any Questions?

Q: How do I know the Ultimate Guide for Backpacking Australia is right for me? 

A: If you’re an independent traveler and want to get the most out of your Australian adventure, then this is right for you. It’s not for people that plan trips through travel agencies, stick to all the touristy sights and stay in fancy hotels far away from the real action. This is for people with a desire to meet cool people, experience more and travel smarter.

It doesn’t really matter how long you’re planning to travel. Whether you’re planning a two-year long working-holiday or maybe just a three-week holiday, this guide will get you prepared and help you get the most out of your adventure.

Q: How will the Ultimate Guide for Backpacking Australia be delivered to me?

A: The guide is 100% digital, which means you’ll be able to take it everywhere on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. The guide will be delivered to your email address as soon as you’ve placed your order.

Q: What’s the refund policy if I’m not satisfied?

A: We stand behind our product 100%. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee. That means you either love the Ultimate Guide for Backpacking Australia, or you get your money back. No questions asked. 

Q: Will I be able to ask questions if I get stuck?

A: Yes! The guide is designed to take you from preparation to living the adventure, but you also have direct access to us. So if you get stuck in any part of the process, or you just want to run something by us, send us an email and we’ll unleash a combined 6 years of long-term travelling on your problem at hand.

You can reach use at – ask us anything you like. We’re here to help and we hope to see you inside.

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