17 places you don’t want to miss on Australia’s west coast

--Imagine yourself driving around for hours on end, seeing the most amazing sights and experiencing that true adventure on Australia’s west coast.

Yes, that’s right.

Australia’s west coast is a real beauty.

It’s rough. It’s remote. It’s amazing.

It’s the perfect spot for a road trip filled with stunning sunsets, beautiful national parks and a bucket list of activities that will leave you mesmerized.

In fact, Australia’s west coast is so epic that we’ve dedicated almost 50 pages to it in the Ultimate Guide for Backpacking in Australia.

But because we love Australia’s west coast so much, we couldn’t stop writing and that’s why you’re about to discover 17 amazing highlights on Australia’s west coast you wouldn’t want to miss.

1. Ride a camel as the sun sets in Broome

Enjoy magnificent sunsets in Broome while you ride a camel along Cable beach. It offers one of the best sunsets on Australia’s west coast.

Cable Beach

2. Marvel at the natural beauty of Karijini National Park

Wander through amazing gorges and marvel at the red rocks contrasted against the azure blue waters. This national park is one of the most beautiful ones on Australia’s west coast and will never, ever disappoint you.

Karijini National Park

3. Swim with gentle giants at Ningaloo Reef

The east coast might have its Great Barrier Reef, but Ningaloo reef might be even more beautiful. There is an abundance of special wildlife the whole year round. For instance, if you come here between the end of May to early September, you’ll get the chance to dive with giant whale sharks.

Ningaloo Reef

4. Hand feed the dolphins at Monkey Mia

Want to meet some of the gentlest dolphins known to man? No need to jump on a boat, because at Monkey Mia these cute dolphins come to the shallow waters every day to eat. Best of all, you can feed them from your hand.

Monkey Mia beach

5. Enjoy stunning views of Kalbarri National Park

Even though Kalbarri National Park is a lot smaller than Karijini National Park, it packs a considerable punch for its size. Enjoy stunning views that you can easily access by car or a short hike.

Kalbarri National Park

6. Skydive over Jurien Bay

Most backpackers skydive over the Great Barrier Reef, but a skydive over Australia’s west coast at Jurien Bay is equally thrilling. And by the way… do you really think you’ll have the time to take in all your surroundings while you fall to your inevitable death at terminal velocity?


7. Walk amongst the wonderful Pinnacles of Pinnacle Desert

Imagine staring at a field that’s filled with pinnacles as far as the eye can see. In the Pinnacle desert, you can walk among thousands of weirdly shaped Pinnacles that pop out of the golden-yellow landscape.

The Pinnacles

8. Race down the towering sand dunes of Lancelin

Round-up some mates and challenge them to a sandboarding race in the magical dunes of Lancelin. Great fun!


9. Be surprised by Perth

Perth is no longer that big country town it used to be. Perth will surprise you with its natural beauty, chilled out and down-to-earth mentality and has some really cool areas you can go for a drink.

Cottesloe Beach – Perth

10. Get that Quokka-selfie on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is home to one of Australia’s cutest animals: the Quokka. These curious animals that look more like a giant gerbil, will make you laugh and wish you could take one home. Unfortunately, that’s not allowed, so you’ll have to settle for that perfect Quokka selfie.


11. Live the good life in and around Margaret River

Beautiful coastlines and perfect waves mixed with decently priced wineries and other artisan foods. Margaret River offers life at a slower pace with all the fine things a person could wish for.

Margaret River

12. See two oceans collide at Augusta

Augusta is the most south-western point of Australia and it’s the point where the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet. It’s also home to the stunning and rough Cape Leeuwin National Park and is even more laidback than Margaret River.


13. Conquer your fear of heights in Pemberton

Set amidst dense forests, the timber town of Pemberton offers you a perfect opportunity to enjoy some beautiful forest walks. Feeling more adventurous? Try climbing the Gloucester Tree, a 53-meter tall fire-lookout tree (the second highest in the world). Don’t look down.


14. Marvel at the golden cliffs of Windy Harbor

Looking for that off the beaten path kind of experience? Make a detour to Windy Harbour and it’s nearby Point D’ Entrecenteaux and Nature’s Window. Visit this place during sunset and you’ll see the stunning cliffs lit up while the sun sets on Australia’s west coast.

Windy Harbour

15. Relax on some of the most beautiful beaches on Australia’s west coast around Albany

Although Albany is the biggest town in the area, it’s mostly the surrounding beaches that make it worth a visit. For example, Little Beach was voted #5 in Australia’s best secret spots and that’s just one of many.

Little Beach

16. Climb one of West Australia’s highest mountains

Feeling adventurous? Why not hike up one of West Australia’s icons: Bluff Knoll. It’s a reasonably challenging hike that shouldn’t be a problem if you’re fit. On clear days it offers you stunning views of the surroundings and the blooming yellow flowers.

Bluff Knoll

17. See kangaroos hop on white sanded beaches near Esperance

Drive to Lucky Bay, close to Esperance, to meet some of the happiest kangaroos on Australia’s west coast. Watch them hop along the white beaches of Lucky Bay as you set up your tent and prepare for an amazing sunset. It doesn’t get more Ozzie than that.

Lucky Bay

So there you go, 17 highlights of Australia’s west coast that you don’t want to miss. You’ll find many more in the Ultimate Guide to Backpacking in Australia, but this should get you started for now.

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