Ozzie Backpackers helps you plan, prepare and live the ultimate Australian adventure.

We’re not a travel agency. We’re just here to help you have the best experience.

Oh, and we’ll save you a ton of money in the process.

You see, at some point, we were just like you…

Planning a trip to Australia, struggling with questions like:

  • What are the best places to visit? Where should I start my trip, and do I have enough time to see all the things I want to see?
  • How much money do I need? Maybe I’ll need to find work. Do I even want to work? And if so, how do I find work in Australia?
  • What about flights? How do I find the best flights? Do I book a return ticket? Perhaps I would like to stay longer than I intended…
  • What should I pack? Maybe I’ll lose stuff along the way, do I bring extras? Will my travel insurance cover me?
  • And sleeping in hostels… How do I find the best places to stay? Do I have to go to party hostels to meet new people?
  • Will I even meet cool people or will I just feel incredibly lonely? It feels so weird to talk to complete strangers… How do I make new friends?

Preparing your trip to Australia feels a bit like trying to solve a puzzle, without knowing what the end result should look like.

But no worries, mate.

We’re here to help you plan, prepare and live your ultimate Australian adventure.

We’re Maxine and Justin and we’re the two travellers behind ozziebackpackers.com. We’ve been travelling on and off for the last five years of our lives and have lived, worked and travelled in Australia for 26 months between us.

You can read more about us below, but for now, we want to focus on helping you get the most out of your time Down-under.  Here’s how…

First of all, we’ve written the most extensive travel guide for backpackers and independent travellers. It gets you ready for your adventure, helps you prepare by answering all the questions above and shows the best travel itineraries packed with highlights and hidden gems you don’t want to miss.

Secondly, we’ve designed a free e-mail course that will save you at least 1000 Australian dollar on flights, accommodation, activities and other things when travelling to Australia. It’s packed with free bonuses, so sign up here.

And last but not least, you can cruise through the website for helpful and inspiring articles that are so valuable that you will love to share them around the web.

About us

It’s sort of a romantic story…

Sharing a love for travel we met – of course – in a hostel while both travelling in Vietnam. We ended up spending a lot of time together and decided to meet up back home as well.

Seems like Cupid’s arrows hit us and travel love can last after all! Now we continue our travels together and decided to spread our love for travelling by helping you prepare for your trip to Australia.

About Maxine 

--I am Maxine, one of the co-authors of this website and the ultimate guide to Australia! I am a Dutch girl in her mid-twenties who always had a fascination with other cultures and countries. Because my family is living all over the world, I was born with a love for traveling!

The last couple of years I have been abroad on and off, almost traveling more than studying for my degree. In total I have travelled over 40/45 countries, spread over all the different continents of our beautiful Earth. Many of them I visited while backpacking by myself or with friends. In addition I have worked, studied and lived abroad as well!

Australia was my first big trip, where I worked as an Au Pair as well. This means that Australia is my first big love when you talk about backpacking. A country that is as big as a continent, with its cultural history, natural diversity, friendly people and amazing views! I fell in love with Australia.

For me, backpacking is a combination of many things. It’s a perfect way to discover more about yourself, meet interesting people, explore the world and emerge yourself in nature. It gives you a sense of freedom and a feeling you can handle the world.

When I met Justin, the other person behind the website and ultimate guide, I found someone with the same love for traveling and Australia, and together we realized we should do something with our knowledge.The result is ozziebackpackers.com and the ultimate travel guide for you guys!

My goal is to make other people as enthusiastic about traveling as I am myself, and help you by guiding you into preparing your (first) big trip. Not only by explaining how to plan, book and prepare everything, but also by giving you the ultimate routes through a country as big as Australia.

About Justin

--My name is Justin, the other co-author of this guide and website. As a product of Dutch father and an English mother, I was born to not- stay in one place, but to travel. I believe traveling challenges you, sets you free and lets you experience what it’s like to live life on your own terms. I hope to inspire you to do the same.

After I quit my job in 2014 I’ve been traveling pretty much all the time. I’ve seen public cremations in India, walked past worlds highest mountains in Nepal and bounced all over South-East Asia, where I met Maxine in Vietnam.

But most of my time traveling I spent in Australia, 17 months in total. I’ve pretty much done it all. Worked on fruit farms, got crazy drunk on goon and saw all the amazing sights Australia has to offer. I even did a two-month 3000 km cycling adventure that took me from Perth to Adelaide and hiked and hitchhiked all over the beautiful Tasmania.

I run a successful travel blog in the Netherlands, where I help and inspire other travelers to plan and prepare a dream trip. But there is one problem: not many people understand Dutch. That’s why I’m unbelievably happy to team up with Maxine and expand the awesomeness to the rest of the world.

I hope to inspire you to craft your own daring adventure, give you the confidence that you’ll find your way and help you with all the things you have to arrange before you set foot on Australia’s shores. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time and am confident this website and the Ultimate guide will show you how.

Happy reading & Safe travels.

What’s next…

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